A-Team Limo Service Available (In England)

December 6, 2007


A company called A-Team Limo is offering rides in a replica of the A-Team van from that awesome show with the same name. You have to contact them for pricing information, and the service is only available in England (with franchise opportunities in surrounding countries) as far as I know. Someone in the U.S. has probably done something similar, but I didn't read an article about them, so they're not being featured. I guess the van looks good on the outside, but I question whether B. A. Baracus really rode around in something so uncool on the inside. I'm pretty sure the real A-Team van was packed with munitions and a few hookers to ease the tension before an assignment. This shit looks like a roller skating party on wheels.

A short video of the (questionable) interior after the prom.

A stylish cool way to go to your prom: A-Team limo service [bornrich]

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