Air Purifier Cleans With The Power Of Plants

December 3, 2007


The Bel-Air indoor air filtration systems sucks in dirty air and runs it through a plant's leaves, roots, and a "humid bath" before releasing it back into your room, purified.

This patented principal has two advantages: Bel-Air is to the American and Asiatic common filter appliances what Dyson is to regular vacuum cleaners. Here, the noxious particles are captured, and transformed inside the system. No more filters to change, and no more clogs.

I really like the concept, but question how effective the device is. I mean those are pretty small plants, and the tenement I live in is pretty freaking disgusting. That plant would be a goner in a matter of hours. I mean I can actually see the air in here. It's brown.

Bel-Air plant-powered indoor filtration system [core77]

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