A Screen In Your Tie? Sure, Why Not?

December 6, 2007


ETRI has been showing off their flexible little OLED displays lately sewn into a number of different pieces of clothing.

In the future, applications of flexible display will be expanded to our daily life ranging from a tie, a hat, a wallet and other small lifestyle products. According to ETRI, this flexible display can be available at affordable price by using ‘Roll-to-Roll’ production method. It is ultra thin and light and offers outstanding natural color reproduction. It is also claimed to consume less power.

Nice ETRI, but I've had an OLED tie for awhile now. I would download a funny clip to it every day before work and brighten my coworkers' days. It worked well -- until my roommate uploaded a video without my knowing. It turns out you can be fired for sexual harassment by wearing a porn video tie! Can you believe that? What the hell is the matter with this country? Next thing you know they'll tell me that calling your female coworkers "sugar" and playing grab-ass isn't considered a team building exercise.

OLED Tie - small flexible screens coming to a piece of clothing near you soon? [redferret]

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