8-Foot LEGO R2D2 Is Very Large And Plastic

December 31, 2007


Ever seen an 8-foot LEGO R2D2? Well if you hadn't before you have now. "Built by official LEGO Master Model Builder Dan Steinenger with the assistance of a bunch of visiting kids, the giant R2 unit was assembled as part of the recent Festival of the Masters event at the LEGO Store at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida." It looks pretty good, but they could have rounded him off a little better. Of course you're dealing with kids so it's probably best to just keep it real simple or they'll screw it all up and then get into drugs and what have you. The model does have some nice little LED accents but isn't capable of projecting Princess Leia. However it does play sound effects from the movie (see video). Things like "Beeple beep" and "Dootle dootle chirp chirp". And lets not forget the classic "Whistle whistle boople cheep cheep chirp beep".

Check out the video after the jump.

giant lego r2-d2 could crush c-3p0 [technabob]

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