3D Projector System Is Wicked, Scary

December 26, 2007

The Musion high definition projector system "uses unique HD video projection, producing three dimensional moving images within a stage setting." It looks like it involves some sort of strange glass pyramid. And magic. A lot of magic. And not the fake shit that ass-clown Criss Angel is into, oh no. I'm talking legitimate 'sell your soul to Slavin the evil warlock' magic here. The real deal. The videos are from Toyota promoting their Auris vehicle at a shopping center in Europe. So yeah. I'm not sure what the first video of the ghost woman has to do with selling cars, but I think it has something to do with harnessing the power of the dead. Wait a minute -- that's my great aunt Gertrude! She says she's going to kill me if I buy domestic. I knew it!

Another video showing the Auris after the jump.

HD Projection Systems Allows 3D Moving Images to Appear on Live Stage Setting [techeblog]

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