Zen Dolphin Relaxation Aid Is Questionable

November 1, 2007


The Zen Dolphin is a glowing blue plastic dolphin that's supposed to help you relax. It moves like it's swimming.

Relax as you watch Zen Dolphin magically swim above its illuminating base. Beautiful blue light makes it appear as though Zen Dolphin is effortlessly swimming through the sea. Perfect for home, as a night light, the office and more!

It costs around $40, and takes 3 C batteries. It also plays some underwater sounds and dolphin noises. I don't know about you, but it makes perfect sense to me. I get pretty stressed here in my cubicle, and I was just thinking the other day "You know what would really help me unwind? A giant plastic dolphin humping my desk. That should do the trick."

Video demonstration after the jump.

Zen Dolphin [geekalerts]

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