Wii Light Sword Lights Up, Looks Short

November 21, 2007


There is finally a knock-off light saber attachment for the Wii controller available for anyone itching to practice their sabering skills before Star Wars: The Force Unleashed hits the street next year. The unit features a power up/down effect and relies on 22 ultra-bright LEDs to make it all happen. It runs on three AAs and will set you back about $31. I can't wait for them to drop at the end of the month. I'm tired of swinging around the 4-foot fluorescent tube I taped my Wii controller to. It's awkward and I've already broken several. There are shards of glass everywhere. Sure it tingles to walk on, but I'm a freaking Jedi people. I've got myself mind-tricked.

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am such a giving person and all, I posted the infamous "large boy swings shower rod around like light saber video" after the jump, along with two digitized versions. Sure we've all seen them before (maybe not the last one), but damn they're funny.

Wii Light Sword brings out the Skywalker in you [engadget]

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