Warmkeyboard Keeps Your Fingers Toasty

November 15, 2007


Maybe you've seen this before because it has been out for a little while, but in case you haven't the Warmkeyboard is a keyboard that has heating elements incorporated right into the keys. That way your fingers stay nice and warm on a cold day in the cubicle. It connects to your computer via USB, but has an AC adapter as well to power the unit's heating capabilities. They run $50, and based on the one customer review I read it sucks.

I bought the Warmkeyboard for a cubicle-mate who's often freezing. While it's a plug-and-play USB install, it fairly regularly just stops working, and requires rebooting. I've tried to convince him to let me return it, but he's too polite. Seriously.

So there you have it, there's some poor fingerless bastard out there who lost his digits because the damn thing doesn't function properly. A sad, sad story. What a great guy too, so polite and all. And this product practically goes and cuts his fingers off. That shit just ain't right.

Warmkeyboard for the Chilled Typist [coolestgadgets]

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