Venomsnow Switchboard Is Questionable

November 9, 2007


Venomsnow Switchboards look like they were made for handicapped people. And based on that guy in the picture, I'm even more convinced.

The Switchboard features two short woodcore boards joined end-to-end on a double hinge, with lightweight footstraps on top, twin skates underneath the rear board, and an aluminum steering bar on a pogo stick-like suspension unit mounted on the front board.

All the pictures available of this thing feature the goofiest bastards alive riding them. Good luck selling any, unless your target demographic is halfwit ass-clowns. Which it probably is.

Another dork catching some air after the jump, along with a demonstration video and a 70's porn-style commercial.




Venomsnow's Switchboard hits the ski slopes [gizmag]

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