Ukranian Man Builds Two-Faced Wooden Car

November 21, 2007


I don't know what it is with Ukrainians and building unusual wooden things, but Vasily Lazarenko has gone and built himself a car. Under the wood it's a 1981 Opel, but on top of the wood it's a confusing looking sedan/convertible hybrid. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I mean damn that wood looks good, but I would have stuck with one design for the whole thing. Vasily quit his job and sold two other cars in order to afford the 1.5 years and parts needed to complete this, uh, thing. He refuses to admit what it cost to build, which means it was way too much and he regrets ever doing it. You have talent Vasily, but lets stick to rocking chairs and toy wagons in the future, okay?

A few more pictures and a video of the car in action after the jump.




Functional Wooden Car is Half Convertible, Half Coupe [techeblog]

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