The Beer Pager: Never Lose Your Beer Again

November 26, 2007


The beer pager is basically a coaster with attached koozie that you put your beer in. If for any reason you misplace your precious life-blood you just push the page button and your beer loudly belches, indicating its location. The thing costs $20, runs on AAA batteries, and is pretty damn stupid. I mean, who misplaces a beer anyways? Sure I often lose unimportant items like my driver's license and wedding ring, but beer? Come on. Not to mention you're f'ed if you lose the pager. Finally, isn't it a little ridiculous that a product called The Beer Pager features a Coca-Cola can in the picture? Gluing a koozie to your hand: 1, The Beer Pager: 0.

Remote Control Beverage Pager [ohgizmo]

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