Tesla Coils Playing Super Mario Bros Theme

November 9, 2007

There have been musical Tesla coils in the past (even ones that play part of the Super Mario Bros theme from the underworld), but until now I've never seen two together playing the entire Super Mario theme.

The music that you hear is coming from the sparks that these two identical high power solid state Tesla coils are generating. There are no speakers involved. The Tesla coils stand 7 feet tall and are each capable of putting out over 12 foot of spark. They are spaced about 18 feet apart. The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is assigned to a midi channel which it responds to by playing notes that are programmed into the computer software.

They play at over 110 dB, making them pretty f'ing loud. I wish I could play Super Mario Bros that loud, but I'm working with a 13" TV and only one of the built-in speakers works. Ghetto you say? No sir. Ghetto is buying a used conversion van and parking it outside your apartment to use as a "honeymoon suite" where the kids can't disturb you. Not that I did that or anything. Except I did.

Everyone have a great weekend and don't work too hard.


thanks to Frank, Billy Avenue, and my Personal Jesus Robot for the tips

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