Steampunk Pac-Gentleman Is Pretty Sweet

November 2, 2007


Doktor A, the artist/sculptor responsible for this awesomely awesome steampunk creation has titled it "The Secret History of Video Games: Pac Gentleman". He also provides an explanation of the game.

When this game was first released in 1880 it was so hugely popular in taverns and inns that the bank of England was forced to mint more threepenny bits to keep up with demand. The game was created by messrs Nam & Nam and Co. as a novelty pastime for the masses. Outdoing the previous top public house game of Shove Ha’penny.

So there you have it, straight from the good doktor's mouth. He is one clever bastard, I'll tell you that. Who would have thought ol' Pac would look so good in a bowler hat? And the mustaches on the ghosts, divine. I wish I could grow one like that, but alas, I'm just a hairless prepubescent boy.

One more picture after the jump.


pac-man? that's pac-gentleman to you [technabob]

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