Stackable Cars May Solve 'Last Mile' Problem

November 14, 2007


MIT believes they have come up with an eco-friendly solution to the 'last mile' problem. The 'last mile' refers to the distance you have to walk between your subway stop and your actual destination (i.e. home, work). The idea is to have a network of these small, electric cars stacked outside mass transit systems so commuters can grab them as needed. Instead of an engine they'll have four in-wheel electric motors run by lithium-ion batteries, saving a reasonable amount of space so the cars can be made extra small. They'll have 360 degrees of steering, so you can park the little bastards sideways in spots and maneuver into other small spaces. I'm not sure if something similar with bicycles or electric scooters has ever been attempted, but that may be a consideration as well. Good job MIT, except I invented stackable cars a year ago. And by 'invented stackable cars' I mean 'started a twelve car pile up during rush hour.'

MIT's Stackable City Car [inhabitat]

Thanks to Ben Hur for the tip

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