Shoe Dryer Prevents Wet and Smelly Shoes

November 14, 2007


The Eco Shoes Dryer, from Life In Detail, is a product designed to dry your shoes out if they get wet or if you're gross and your feet sweat (like mine). It’s packed with silica gel (do not eat contents of packet) that absorb moisture. After the gel is saturated you plug it in to remove all the water from the gel so it's ready to go again. A single unit will set you back about $27. I definitely need one, because I have what I like to call "ass-feet". It's basically a condition where your feet smell like complete ass. When I was in college if I didn't like the person sitting in the desk in front of me I'd wear my nasty shoes and slide my feet under their seat. They would be miserable for the rest of the class. And not only that, but everyone around always thought they’d shit their pants.

Eco Shoes Dryer saves the world from chronic foot funk [scifi-tech]

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