Reebok Timetanium: A Math Nerd's Dream

November 6, 2007


John Maeda, of MIT Media Lab fame got together with Reebok (not sexually) to develop a new shoe. John is well known (by some) for his math and design skills, and the resulting shoe, the Timetanium, is the resulting hybrid of these two fields. Only 100 pairs are being made, and they'll be available through the Reebok Custom website on November 13th. They feature some unique styling and John's handwritten notes printed on the interior. No word on price, because when I tried to look it up my computer exploded, meaning they'll be expensive. I just love that name, the Timetanium. Such a clever combination of time and titanium. Kind of like the code-name of my nudey mag stash, the Empornium. See what I did there? I combined the word emporium with porn to make a clever name. The wife will never catch on. "Don't mind me dear, just running down to the empornium for a little five finger discount. *snicker, snicker*"

Two more pics after the running jump.



Maeda x Reebok = Timetanium [core77]

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