Electric 'Surfboard' Controlled By Bluetooth

November 14, 2007


The GroundSurf is an electric "surfboard" from Paris based Ratleads. It looks like a three-wheeled "skateboard", but whatever. They're due out early next year for around $2,000. The board can be controlled by either using the pressure sensitive board (lean forward to accelerate, backward to decelerate) or via Bluetooth on a cell phone. Slide your finger up the cell phone screen to increase speed, and down to decrease. Neat idea as long as your cell phone doesn't screw up. No word on range, etc., but details should be out soon. I considered saving for one before I realized I don't have very good balance. As a matter of fact I'm writing this from the kitchen floor because I fell over and threw my back out reaching for the Pop Tarts.

GroundSurf Electric Skateboard/Surfboard [coolestgadgets]

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