Police Forces To Get Flying Video Drones

November 30, 2007


Both the Miami-Dade, Florida and Houston, Texas police departments will soon be adding a new officer to the force -- the Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), made by Honeywell. The little RC bastards can fly to a 10,500-foot altitude, hover, and even fly through windows -- all the while transmitting live video. "The unmanned aircraft will be used during SWAT team and tactical operations, especially when officers need video of a heavily armed suspect." Interesting, I'm glad they're finally putting these things to good use. Now I hate to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I swear I saw one of these hovering outside my bedroom window last night. There I am, sitting on the edge of the bed masturbating, when I catch a glimpse out the corner of my eye. Now call me crazy, but I think this is solid proof that the government has a vested interest in examining the world's smallest penis.

A video of the little bugger in action after the jump.

Two Police Departments Get Hovering Drone [therawfeed]

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