Plastic Car Is Cool, Does 60 MPH In Reverse

November 30, 2007


The Acrea Zest is a little plastic car available in Europe. It has no top at all, and the floors are drilled out to allow rain to pass through. It weighs 1/3 that of a typical vehicle, has a gas engine that gets 66 miles per gallon, and has a top speed of 60 miles per hour. It is built symmetrically, so it can also do 60 MPH in reverse. Sweet! They go for around $16,400, and I think I want one. Although maybe not. The last time I did 60 MPH in a plastic vehicle my father was dragging me behind his truck on my Big-Wheels. He said it was to teach me a life lesson. I'm not positive what that lesson was, but I think it had something to do with the dangers of dragging your son behind a truck at 60 MPH after you've been drinking all morning. Thanks dad.

Two videos of the car after the jump, one in French.

Zest Roadster is the grown-up's toy car [dvice]

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