Optimus Maximus Keyboard Configurations

November 28, 2007


Many of you probably already know about the ridiculous Art Lebedev 'Optimus Maximus' keyboard that has been hyped for the past little while. If you don't then it's a keyboard in which the keys are little active OLED displays, capable of being changed to whatever you want. Well now the company has announced different configurations other than the full 113 active button one that costs $1,564. That's right folks, for $999 you can get 47 active buttons, $599 for 10, and for a paltry $462 you can get an active spacebar only. I'll admit the thing looks bad-ass (well, only the 113 and 47 models), but come on Art, $1,513? For that kind of money the damn thing better do my typing for me. What a piece of crappity crap. I mean what absolute garbage. Poppy-cock! This thing is a joke. Trash! Waste of money. Poo-poo. Horribly horrible! Seriously Art, send me a free one and I'll make that all go away.

A video demo after the jump, but the ass-monkey can't hold the camera steady.

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