New Dice Make Computer Diagnosis Easy

November 1, 2007


PC Dice are a sophisticated diagnostic tool used to determine the current problem with your computer. They run $27 for the set of three dice. You just give them a good roll, and presto -- your problem reveals itself.

The green die has the words Virus, Spyware, Modem, Video, Network and Reboot. The blue die comes with Install, New PC, Upgrade, No Idea, Quit and $$, and the red die features Windows, Unix, Linux, Wireless, Wired and Mix.

Now I'm not saying that these work better than the real IT department, but they definitely do. Their archaic method of spinning a big wheel with computer problems listed on it is simply no match for this technological breakthrough.

A painful video demonstration after the video.

PC Dice cuts to the chase [ubergizmo]

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