Napkin Notebook: For Your $1,000,000 Ideas

November 21, 2007


My million dollar ideas don't come to me when I'm sitting at work in the cubicle playing Solitaire or Mine Sweeper, with abundant paper and pens. No sir, they come to me when I'm plastered at the bar and falling off my stool. And I have to smear them down on a bar-napkin with a pen I demand from the bartender or a crayon from the kid's bin. So boy was I happy to see someone finally designed the Napkin Notebook. Sure you could just carry around a regular little pad of paper, but that doesn't get the creative juices flowing like tearing through a napkin. I empty my pockets when I wake up the next morning, and presto -- tons of million dollar ideas from my bender the night before. As a matter of fact I've got one here, "Stop kissing the chick beside you, it's a dude." Oh god no.

Napkin Notebook [electroplankton]

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