MP3 Player For Dogs Is Gold, Gaudy, Fugly

November 14, 2007


Korean company Innobitz has released the JooZoo, which is a gold and diamond encrusted MP3 player for dogs. It's supposed to "enhance your pet’s physical health and relieve stress through automatic content responding to various pet behaviors." Or make it kill itself if you blast death metal. Currently only available in Korea, it's going worldwide soon with a price tag of $1,500-$2,000. If you're one of those people that paints their dog and dresses them up and shit like that then maybe this is for you. My dog won't be opening one of these on Christmas though. He's getting the same thing he gets every year. Dog food. Maybe some water if he doesn't piss in the house between now and then.

A sexy bitch modeling the unit after the belly rub.


Diamond and gold MP3 player for dogs [popgadget]

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