Monitor For The Colorblind Coming Soon

November 27, 2007


Eizo's 24-inch Flexscan SX2461W-U is a monitor made specifically for people with colorblindness. Which is awesome, because I'm slightly colorblind. Nothing so bad as not being able to differentiate green and red, but I do have trouble with some hues, particularly online. The unit utilizes CUD (Color Universal Design) technology that "uses shapes, positions, patterns, and so on to communicate color information back to the user." Sweet. The unit is available in Japan early next month for around $1,050, and will likely make its way around the world not too long after. If the price drops I may consider one. Because just last week I thought I was ordering a blue sweater from LL Bean, but it turns out I adopted a Chinese kid.

EIZO's 24-inch FlexScan for the colorblind [engadget]

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