Mod My Life Website Has Awesome Potential

November 9, 2007


Modmylife is an awesome website. Basically someone in New York City has got a video camera and internet connection and walks around doing what you tell them to. Everyone online at the time makes suggestions, and then votes. The winning suggestion is what the person must do. You can read some of the suggestions there in the picture. They currently have predetermined times to log in (the next "show" is 8:00 tonight, Friday), but they hope to have people out 24/7 in the near future. I suggest everyone schedule a time to meet on the website so we can sway the vote with an incredible Geekologie presence. That way we'll be voting on actions like "punch that hooker", “make out with the bag-lady” and "throw yourself in front of a bus" instead of the typical boring suggestions.

New Site Lets You Control Real Person in NYC [therawfeed]

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