Man Sells Massive Star Wars Toy Collection

November 26, 2007


Some guy who let his collecting addiction get the best of him is finally selling it all. Included in the auction are over 1,160 modern Star Wars figures, a bunch of vintage ones, and some randoms from other movies. The starting bid is $25,450 and there’s a "Buy-It-Now" price set at $34,500. However there is only one day left and not a single bid. Probably because people are smart and don't want $25,000 worth of modern Star Wars figures. The seller himself admits "This is a big step I'm taking in order to move on and accomplish a new plan I have for my future." No shit it is. Apparently Plan A - 'Live a life of celibacy in your aunt's attic with a massive Star Wars collection' finally lost its luster. Go figure.

A couple more pictures after the jump, hit the auction link if you want to see them all.



eBay via [bornrich]

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