Man Hangs Lamborghini On His Wall

November 30, 2007


Some rich-ass named Richard Moriarty (which seems strangely appropriate) hung his 1974 Lamborghini on a wall in his home. He claims he was tired of having it towed "because the engine kept stalling". Now when my car stalls I typically think of 1. coasting it into a lake, or 2. getting it fixed by a mechanic. Apparently Dick wasn't familiar with these options and had a 70-ton crane lower the bitch through a skylight in his house. Nice try buddy, but I've have car-art for years. Beat a shit-brown 1978 Ford Pinto Station Wagon hanging on your living room wall. I've had that thing up for years. So long I think the homeless guy in it finally died. It's starting to stink.

A Lamborghini Or A Picasso? What Would You Hang On Your Wall? [ohgizmo]

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