Man Builds LEGO Air Conditioner

November 8, 2007


Nathan Sawaya, a man who makes a living building LEGO stuff made a life-size replica of a Carrier brand air conditioner for their convention last year. Then, not to be out done, Bryant Air Conditioning commissioned him to do the same thing for their convention. And he agreed! What a schmuck. How about some air conditioner company loyalty, Nathan? This guy probably has two LEGO brick girlfriends at home and doesn't even have the common courtesy to put one in the closet so she can't see when he's banging the other.

One more of the inside after the jump. Note: The fan actually turns. Whee.


LEGO Air Conditioner [neatorama]

  • Jeremy

    Brand loyalty LOL. How about you do some research before you write a article. Carrier manufactures Bryant. They are the same exact equipment.

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