Life-Size LEGO Figure Is Cool, Cardboard

November 26, 2007


A man has made a life-size LEGO figure entirely out of cardboard and hot glue, complete with removable and rotating body parts.

All flat and rounded surface planes of the original LEGO man were measured to the 32nd of an inch and mathematically converted to recreate the LEGO man at 60" (5ft) tall. The proportions of the 60" final piece are accurate to the 16th of an inch, with cardboard thickness taken into consideration. All surface scores performed with X-acto at 1/2" intervals for rounded applications.

The whole project took about 50 hours from start to finish. I wonder if he's going to paint it, or if that would detract from the whole "it's made of cardboard" appeal. Painted or not, I do know one thing -- this would make the world's awesomest piñata. Fill that sucker up with airplane bottles and have at it. Ever seen a life-size LEGO figure bleed little liquor bottles? Me neither, but I just made it my life's goal.

Man Makes Life-Sized LEGO Minifig from Cardboard [boingboing]

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