Levitation Is Probably Result Of Black Magic

November 1, 2007


Crealev, a Netherlands based company, has developed a way to "levitate an open platform with whatever you want on top to a significant height in a stable and resilient way." No word on how it works, but it's allegedly inexpensive (although I find that hard to believe) and requires little power (0.5-0.8 watts for the items in the video). They're just taking custom orders now, but plan to have a line of products available in the future. I actually finished submitting a custom order before writing this, and I just wrote "me" as the object I want levitated. Magic baby! That ass-clown Criss Angel doesn't have shit on this guy.

A very short video of some levitation after the jump.

UPDATE: Another video demonstration added as well.

Crealev Levitation Tech Makes Me Believe In Magic [ohgizmo]

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