Keyless Keyboard: Wack, Uses Orbs, WTF!?

November 28, 2007


Sure the QWERTY keyboard may have some issues that need to be addressed in the long run, but I have a hard time believing the OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard ($400) is going to be the peripheral of the future. Sure it's a far cry from the stupidity of this keyboard, but that doesn't mean anything. How does it work you ask?

Each dome slides into one of 8 zones to type a character. The domes do not twist. Either dome can slide first or move both at the same time. Domes slide toward the center of their respective color or character zones -- not directly at the character. Slide the right dome to the zone of the character you want to type; slide the left dome to the color of that character.

So that's how it works. I still don't get it. May be a great idea for people with disabilities or others with limited motor skills, but for an everyday user? I doubt it. I can burn a QWERTY keyboard with upwards of like 10,000 WPM. Which is one thing I couldn't find out about the OrbiTouch -- how many words per minute can someone prolific with the device type? I couldn't find it on their website. Because it's 10.

OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard [coolestgadgets]

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