Key Fob Shocks Unsuspecting Joyriders

November 15, 2007


The Shocks Car Key ($51), from Bim Bam Banana, is a key fob that looks like it will unlock your car. Except it won't, it will just shock you. How in the hell you're supposed to find someone dumb enough to push the big red button on the side that says "SHOCK" is a mystery to me. Seems like a serious design flaw. I guess you're supposed to scratch it out and write something clever on it like "PUSH ME". And hopefully the person will also ignore the metal electrodes. But if you do find someone to push the button, oh the laughs that will be had! Your friend gets shocked, then kicks out all your lights and breaks the car windows. They'll follow up that hilarity by rubbing your face on the pavement, taking your real keys and backing over you with your own car. What a funny prank!

Product Site [bimbambanana]

Thanks to Stevie, a man who knows how to have a good time, for the tip

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