Helium Balloon Lights Are Ridiculous, Mylar

November 13, 2007


The World View lighting system from PID are helium balloons that hold up some lights.

The light source consists of 35 ultra strong diodes hanging on a helium balloon, with adjustable floating height. Available in two models, one with cord and one limited edition powered by rechargeable batteries. It's available in white or metallic. The batteries for the limited edition lasts for about 42 hours and the recharging of the batteries take 8 hours. After filling the balloon with helium it will last 2-3 weeks, after that it needs refilling.

They cost $1,000 each. So, um, yeah. You could make some yourself though for about $10. And then buy a helium tank to fill them up when they hit the floor. Although the price of helium is on the rise. That's why I stick to my gas of choice, nitrous oxide. It may not float a balloon but it does makes you feel like you're on a rocket ship in outer space, complete with sound effects.

lighter than air [7gadgets]

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