Handcarved Wood PC Looks Wooden, Scary

November 15, 2007


Valerie Beetle, a man from Pervomayske (probably where I should live) in southern Ukraine handcarved this PC case. It is wood and looks good. Now I'm all for cool computer mods and all, but I think we all know the true story behind this one. This man sold his soul to the devil for a custom wooden PC. The demonic accents were all the devil's idea -- Mr. Beetle actually asked for a unicorn climbing a rainbow over Strawberry Mountain. That's just what happens when you deal with the devil. Don't believe me? Just check out the pictures after the jump, particularly the one featuring Mr. Beetle's face. He might very well be the devil.

Two more pictures after the prayer.



Ultra Cool Wood PC Mod Would Look Great Rocking Some Doom 3 [uberreview]

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