Exoskeleton Is Wicked Nasty, I Need One

November 27, 2007

Utah based Sarcos spent six years developing this exoskeleton bodysuit capable of giving an average person superhuman strength. I must admit it looks pretty bad-ass. The suit mimics everything you do, making it way easier to lift and move heavy objects. In the future the company wants to make the suits autonomous, allowing a person to remove the suit and have it act as a humanoid robot. Which sounds like a bad idea for something that has giant hooks for hands (don't touch your privates). I kept waiting to see if the suit could run through a brick wall or throw a car, but the video didn't show. Meaning it definitely can. Awesome.

Exoskeleton Turns Humans Into Terminators [liveleak]

thanks to Ben Hur, a superhuman himself, for the tip

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