Drunk Driving: V8 Powered Barstools

November 6, 2007


Featured at SEMA 2007, these Hossfly V8 Barstools are exactly what they sound like. Unless you were thinking they were made from a tomato-based beverage that tastes like ass. If you were thinking that you were wrong. I'm talking engines here. I want one. Oh, and the steering wheel should have a cocktail table attachment for when you're parked. Just make sure to clear the table and stow it before taking off. Otherwise you'll have to explain to police why you were driving a barstool and cocktail table loaded with drinks down the sidewalk with no lights on. Which isn't easy.

A video of them in action after the jump, which allegedly doesn't give an accurate portrayal of the noise these things crank out.

V8 Barstools You Can Ride [techeblog]

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