Donk Tank: A Maybe For The Christmas List

November 30, 2007


The JL421 Badonkadonk (yeah) Land Cruiser/Tank is a pretty sweet little vehicle. It fits five people inside or on the roof, can be controlled from inside or out, and reaches 40 mph. It's got a 400 watt "premium sound system", carpet interior, accent lighting, and Star Wars styling. They're built on an order-by-order basis, so you can have it pimped out even more should you desire a sex-swing or laser cannon. They run $20,000 and are available through Amazon. If you buy one I'd like a ride sometime. Unless you modified yours with the sex-swing and all. In which case I'll pass. Not that I wouldn't trust you or anything, but I wouldn't trust you. Because you're a sick pervert. Sex-swing: cool. Sex-swing in tank: sexual deviant.

Note: Hunter S. Thompson not included.

A picture of the thing at night after the jump.


Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank [uberreview]

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