Dog Washing Machine Will Scare Your Pet

November 7, 2007


I know dog washing machines have existed for awhile, but this one is apparently the cream of the crop, costing over $30,000. Why does it cost so much? Hell if I know, maybe it's the color scheme. An operator oversees the machine closely to ensure your pet is comfortable during their bath. You can tell from those two pictures on the left that the dog is really loving the experience. No way is he thinking "get me out of this piece of shit this instant". No sir, this is like being pampered at a spa to him. Although -- notice how there are no "after" pictures of the clean dog out of the machine? Turns out when the wash was over he killed everyone in the room. Good boy.

UPDATE: Video added after the jump. Watch the last 1/2 for a cat going absolutely ape-shit in the machine.

The $30,000 automatic dog washing machine

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