Chair Is Very Cool, Takes Up A Lot Of Room

November 1, 2007


I've seen chairs like this before, but never on this scale. The Loopita, by designer Victor Aleman, is constructed from a single piece of red oak and covered with high density foam for your sitting pleasure. The picture above actually shows three units put together, each one alone is a single loop, capable of comfortably seating two people. No word if you can buy them, but I bet they'd be expensive anyways -- and great for my all-night orgies. What's that? You're calling me a liar? Fine --you got me, I haven't had sex (with another person) in years. My penis just told me if I don't make something happen soon he's packing up the balls and hitting the road.

Two more pictures after the jump.



Loopty Loop Loopita [yankodesign]

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