Cell Phone Pen Coming Soon, Getting Lost Soon After (Plus A Fun Fill In The Blank!)

November 9, 2007


Allegedly an employee of an undisclosed company that has been working on development of this phone sent some info to Gizmodo so that the company could "gauge interest in such a device". Well knowing how bonkers people are over cell phones, I imagine people will want it. Real bad. Not much more info except the two circles on the side of the unit are the earpiece and receiver. So, yeah. Some jerk with Photoshop probably made this as a prank. But if not I only have one important question. Does it write? I bet these bastards made a pen phone and forgot to put ink in it. How worthless! What good is a pen-shaped phone that doesn’t write? No good! Unless you...[fill in the blank]

i.e. [set it to vibrate and ram it up your ass]

Pen Phone Design is Smallest Yet [gizmodo]

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