Cell Phone Explodes in Korea, Killing Owner

November 28, 2007


A 33-year old construction worker was found dead in Cheongwon, Korea, apparently done in by his cell phone. He was found beside his excavator in a stone quarry by his coworkers, and doctors announced him DOA. "His cell phone was found in his shirt pocket with its battery severely melted and his chest burned and fractured." The company that makes the cell phone stated "We will fully cooperate with the police investigation, but we believe that the battery was very unlikely to explode. Our battery is wrapped in aluminum foil, so when there is an external shock, it should just melt, not explode.'' Of course, aluminum foil! It makes everything safe. Like the time I told my kid sister to jump off the roof with an aluminum foil helmet on. Of course she died, but it's not like her head exploded or anything.

UPDATE: It turns out the man's cell phone didn't kill him, his coworker Kwan accidentally backed over him with his excavator and made up the story to save himself. Didn't work, he's being charged with manslaughter.

Man dies after phone explodes in his pocket [newlaunches]

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