Bright Blinds: Add A Window To A Blank Wall

November 27, 2007


Two Japanese designers have created Bright Blinds, which are blinds to be hung on blank walls to give the appearance of a window underneath. Electroluminescent sheeting is responsible for the simulated daylight, and the amount of light emitted is controlled via the same methods as traditional blinds. Not nearly as cool as Philip's Dynamic Daylight Window, but a neat concept none-the-less. Except they won't work. It's like the time I tried to cheer myself up at the office, despite working in a windowless interior cubicle. You know what I did? I drew a window on my whiteboard -- with a beach outside, complete with palm trees and bikini babes. And let me tell you, that shit didn’t work worth a damn. If anything I was even more depressed.

Video of the blinds after the jump.

Completely useful, realistic fake window won't help your social life one bit [sci-fi]

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