Bookshelf Cave Is Sort Of Neat, Needs Work

November 27, 2007


The Cave, from designer Sakura Adachi combines a bookshelf and a comfortable place to sit and read. Aimed at taking you back to your childhood when you used to make forts with stools and blankets, the thing is supposed to be a calming place to relax and unwind. The unit has bookshelves on both sides, with the cave crawlspace in between. So it's made to be a room divider and not pushed against a wall. Which kind of defeats the purpose. What good is a two-sided cave? As a matter of fact that's not even a cave, that's a hole. A very expensive hole, I bet. So expensive you can't buy any books for the damn thing afterwards. Okay, may a few. A bunch of copies of the same pink one. Oh, and the last time I checked, a 'Cave' is not considered a suitable babysitter for a child. Somebody call protective services.

Escape Into Your Cave [yankodesign]

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