Blendtec Douche Blends Guitar Hero III Guitar

November 29, 2007

Tom Dickson, who is most certainly a dick and douchebagger, blends a Guitar Hero guitar in the latest installment of "Will It Blend?". He claims he has 27 grandchildren, but I think we all know this guy has never procreated with anything but a blender. He destroys the guitar because "it doesn't play the Beach Boys". Jesus Tom, enough already. Some of us are still saving our allowances to afford that game, so it's a sad day to see it just chopped up like that. Tom ends with a "So this is what you get for not having the Beach Boys." Well Tom, this is what you get for destroying that game *punches teeth out, grabs Tom's arm* "Will it blend?" *jams Tom's arm in blender*. It blends.


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