Beer Fridge Looks Good, I Want One Badly

November 2, 2007


It's a glorified kegerator, but damn does it look fine. The HomePub Refridgerator/Freezer is a quality cooling unit from Scandinavian manufacturer Asko. It's available in Europe right now for around $1,000 and is coming to the US soon. Who needs an ice and water dispenser in the door when you can have cold beer? Not I. Oh, the sad part -- it only holds those little 5 liter pony kegs (with one hooked up in the door). :( But that's not stopping me, just look at that guy in the picture. I want to be him. You get up in the morning, slip on your gaudy wedding ring after kicking out your mistress, throw a roast in the oven for lunch, grab the paper, and a nice cold breakfast beer. Now that, my friends, is living the life.

One more picture of the inside after the jump.


Homepub: Asko your fridge for a beer [popgadget]

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