Bed + Couch + Round = Scoop Bed?

November 8, 2007


Saba Italia's Scoop Bed is actually two couches during the day, but at night it gets its Transformer on and turns into a big round bed. You have to contact for a price, but let's be honest, nobody's getting one, so who cares. It'll be expensive, we'll leave it at that. While I'll never have one, I do want one. That way when lady friends spend the night I'll tell them they can have either the bed or the couch. Little do they know they're the same thing. We'll be sleeping together! I'm going to touch a knocker!

Sure you could do the same thing with any regular fold-out sofabed, but that lacks class. Probably wouldn't get to touch a yam for that.

Circular Sofabed [core77]

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