Batter Blaster Is Amazing, Picture Says So

November 2, 2007


The picture says it all folks, "Amazing". Batter Blaster is aerosol pancake/waffle mix that you squirt directly from the can onto the griddle. You'll have hot and fluffy-ass pancakes lickity split, without the annoyance of having to add water to a dry mix and stirring. Leave that to the 1900's, we're living in the 2000's now people. That's right, we eat shit out of aerosol cans. I'm just hoping that Batter Blaster follows in the footsteps of E-Z Cheese and makes their product delicious enough to squirt straight into the mouth. Mmmm, pancake batter.

Batter Blaster: Pancakes in a Can [boingboing]

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