Aiko Robot Doesn't Like Being Touched

November 19, 2007

Canadian robot lover Trung Le built himself a female android named Aiko and gave a few public demonstrations of what she's capable of. Basically she can give directions, read stuff off the internet, and respond to some stimuli. Like when Trung grabs her arm too hard she tells him "Why did you do that for? It's hurt." Then right after that he moves in and grabs a boobie. She takes a swing at him and tells him "I do not like it when you touch my breasts." Nice one Trung, you're probably the creepiest robot builder ever. It certainly doesn't help that the poor android is limited to a wheelchair. Jesus Trung, you really hit rock bottom with this performance. You sick bastard.

Canadian Fembot Hates Being Sexually Harassed [therawfeed]

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