USB Fridge/Heater Cools/Heats Beer At Work

October 16, 2007


The USB Fridge and Heater, from USBGeek takes 5 minutes to cool a beverage to 54°F or heat one to 116°F from a starting temperature of 82°F. They cost $34. You know I love all things USB, so I've already got one on order. Last month I got busted for having beer in the mini-fridge in my cubicle, so I've had to be real stealthy in order to get drunk at work. This thing will work perfect. I'll hide my beer/liquor in a filing cabinet, and then pop it in the USB cooler as needed. Sure 54°F isn't exactly ice cold, but I drank a whole fifth of Jack Daniels once on a nature hike after it spent 2 hours soaking up the heat of my trunk. I'm a man damnit.

Product Site [usbgeek]

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