USB Ferris Wheel Phone Stand: Must Have!

October 31, 2007


Usbgeek has released yet another sweet-ass USB gadget - the USB Ferris Wheel Phone Stand ($27). What you do is throw your cell phone up on the piece, and then wait for an incoming call. Then the fun begins! The Ferris wheel rotates, LEDs flash, and it plays Rock-a-Bye Baby. I think USB gadget inventors can hang up their hats today folks, USB perfection has been reached. Did I mention watching it made me want to hurt myself? It did. There's a video after the jump, but I'm warning you -- if you watch past the 7-second mark you'll probably stab yourself.

UPDATE: Geekologie is in no way responsible for thrill-seekers that choose to watch past 7-seconds and do themselves bodily harm.

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